By KAS REMENA and the
scholarship programme for young journalists

H2O – the name of our multi-media online magazine is recognised worldwide. It is the chemical formulae for water, whether that be in Castrop-Rauxel or Casablanca. However, the emotions bound up with this elixir of life are very different in Germany and Morocco. In Central Europe, nobody needs to fear the imminent disappearance of drinking water; whereas a scarcity of water already prevails in most Arab states. What is more, the water stress is set to get much worse over the coming decades. Of course that has a serious impact on the people themselves – and the issue of water is also becoming one of peace. 

For the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, “water” therefore represents a focus of work carried out by the Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change Middle East and North Africa (REMENA). It has had its headquarters in Rabat since autumn 2017. And it is precisely here – in the Moroccan capital – where KAS has now invited 16 young journalists. One half comes from Germany from the KAS Journalists´ Academy (JONA), while the other comes from six Arab countries. They formed intercultural mixed teams – the 2 in H20 thus stands for the binational cooperation – and they travelled throughout the whole of Morocco equipped with cameras and a whole host of questions: How can water be reprocessed so that even remote villages can benefit from it? Can you extract drinking water from fog? And if golf is being increasingly played – where does all the water come from for the grounds?

Take some time to read the articles at your leisure: You will find videos, texts and photos that give you a personal insight into the people of the country with their worries and hopes. And next time you turn on the tap, think about this: We must not take it for granted that something as valuable as H20 comes out of there.

Daniela Diegelmann (KAS – REMENA), Jochen Markett (JONA) as well as Uwe Martin and Adnane Bennis (German and Arab trainer)